Yoga means “to unite” (in Sanskrit). What I feel is, yoga is a way to unite your soul with your body. It has got a lot of definitions and for me, this isn’t physical activity or something that has to be forced, but it’s something that has to be accepted and owned as a daily life routine. No matter how far the medical science reaches, yoga already contains a lot and has got a solution to almost all the health issues that we face (except the condition where doing yoga isn’t convenient for the body). For me, yoga is considered the best physical exercise one can do.


Yoga means to unite and meditation is the process that helps us attain that stability mind zone where you can always find ways to your problems. I think you all know that patience is the best way to sort your clashes and confusions that are happening within and that can be attained via meditation. You relax your brain while meditation and make yourself feel light even in the worst of condition. Focus is the key.


I believe that the best thing that we are gifted with is, our nature. Spirituality is not confined to religion, caste, or anything. It’s the belief that some energy’s responsible for our existence and we should always respect it. You should take some time to thank this energy that made this existence possible.

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