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Hira Yogi Youtuber

After his father’s demise at a very young age, he managed all his expenses from paying the school to college fees, and in today’s date helping millions and millions of people through his eccentric charitable personality in terms of yoga and healthy lifestyle with a motivation to create employment to youth and help old age people; this 30 years perfectly fit and down to earth human Mr. Hira Lal Bhardwaj. Yes, you heard it correct; he believes that yoga can be a lifetime option. His journey wasn’t so smooth as it sounds; it wasn’t always he succeeded but the only thing that yogi has was consistent commitment towards never giving up and no doubt this habit made him attain the position he is today. It took a lot of effort and dedication for this personality who was born and raised in Meerut.

His inquisitive mind lead him to explore and learn a lot in this field, also which made him to pursue PG, M.Phil., and Ph.D. along with several certifications and diplomas. He attended innumerable gatherings, conferences, and meetups. According to him, his mother played a crucial role in sowing the seeds for his interest in yoga as a habit in his life. Also, he didn’t realised when his interest turned into passion and he decided to make it his lifetime career option. In his 12 years of productive practice, he was able to help millions and millions of people through personal training and also in the form of ritual classes.

“We should have this in our mind that we have to keep at least one individual healthy, and that’s none other than you.”

His Vision

Cultivate a healthy body, quiet mind, open heart and vibrant spirit.

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A healthy mind leads to a healthy lifestyle, and to attain that we must have control over our thoughts and attain mental peace. Over years people have made this word “peace” so complicated but he aims to provide the simplest of ways to achieve it because he believes that peace comes within. We can easily find his directions/mentorship on all the social media platforms. His online classes are already available in 18 countries and he targets to take this number to over 100 countries. He aims to teach yoga to over 2300 crore people. And by this expansion, he has been focusing on creating opportunities for the coming generations by creating employment. 

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